Anonymous: Id like to ask how you got ahold of my photo and reposted without my permission ? I wouldn't mind so much if at least I was given the courtesy of requesting permission. Sincerely, lahorstman photography aka Leah Horstman


This blog is run by multiple people. Unfortunately, this means that mistakes happen more easily, and that the proper channels for requesting permission are not always given their due.

I understand that this must be very frustrating as a content creator, and I apologize that this happened to your work. One of the most important rights that we hold as artists is the ability to choose where, how, and with whom to share our art.

This blog is no longer updated with new content, and there are several years’ backlog of posts. If you can contact us by a verifiable identity with a link to your work, it will greatly expedite the process of removing it from our archive. Should you prefer not to create a tumblr account, let us know, and one of the administrators will contact you on Flickr (Deviantart? Another site?) instead.

Thank you for your patience,

- Kate.


Wolves Play in the Snow on Flickr.

pathfindervialove: Thank you for updating your posts regularly, it's very unique and I enjoy your contributions to the wolf community. Cheers!

I appreciate the kind words (really, I do!), but I have to wonder whether this is passive-aggressive or just looking or a promo, given that I neglect the shit out of this blog and have been doing so for quite some time.


Autumn Wolf

Photo by Jiří Míchal


Grey Wolf by kingarfer on Flickr.



"In 2007, in the village of Patok, Albania, a wolf had been captured from the mountains and was being held in a cage. A villager put a donkey in the cage with the wolf, intending that the donkey should become a live meal… but that didn’t happen.
Instead, the wolf and the donkey became close companions, refusing to harm each other and cohabitating peacefully in the cage. After a flurry of media attention (including a successful petition from Care2), the Albanian government intervened, and the wolf was returned to the wild. The donkey was allowed to live out its life in a comfortable open pasture—and the wolf still passes by sometimes to see him!”

That donkey seems about as likely to kill the wolf than the other way around, donkeys can get incredibly mean towards would be predators and have been known to chase after them and stomp them to death. The people responsible for caging this animal are just stupid all the way around, glad it ended well for the two of them.


Aroooooo! Wolves, wolves, and more wolves!


alaskan gray wolf by lahorstman on Flickr.